Interactive Whiteboard – VR Supported

Enhance your VR journey with virtual drawing boards. Unlock creativity, craft art, and enjoy lifelike strokes and vibrant colors in a captivating virtual canvas.

by Hamza Obaidat

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Our versatile drawing asset seamlessly integrates into both virtual reality (VR) and traditional PC environments, offering a unified creative experience across platforms. This asset empowers developers and artists to implement immersive drawing functionalities within their applications, catering to a broad audience of VR enthusiasts and PC users.

Key Features:

  1. Cross-Platform Compatibility: Designed to operate effortlessly on both VR and PC and WebGL platforms, ensuring a consistent and engaging drawing experience for users regardless of their chosen device.
  2. Intuitive VR Interaction: Leverage the power of virtual reality with intuitive hand-tracking and controller support, enabling users to paint, sketch, and create within a three-dimensional virtual space.
  3. Desktop Mode Excellence: Seamlessly transition to PC mode, providing a user-friendly interface for artists using traditional mouse inputs. The asset adapts to different control schemes, optimizing the drawing experience on desktop platforms.
  4. Customizable Tools and Brushes: Empower users with a diverse set of drawing tools and brushes, allowing for creative expression with a range of strokes, colors, and textures. The asset's flexibility caters to artists with varying styles and preferences.
  5. Performance Optimization: Implementing efficient algorithms and optimization techniques ensures smooth performance on a wide range of VR and PC hardware, delivering a fluid and responsive drawing experience.
  6. Image Texture Integration: Seamless integration with image textures, allowing artists to incorporate pre-existing textures or artwork into their creations.

Webgl Sample