Ivy.Lite is a streamlined version of Ivy.Pro, designed for creating ivy and other climbing plants. While retaining the core functionality of Ivy.Pro, Ivy.Lite can only utilise existing presets.

by Dargelos

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While Ivy.Lite doesn't include all the features of Ivy.Pro, such as customizable presets, access to all the settings (More than 100 parameters in ther Pro version), Granular Scatter unique Item settings, and performance optimization tools like mesh combiner and Occlusion Culling, it still produces natural looking plants.

Ivy.Lite stands out from other vegetation tools by offering a more natural and integrated approach to plant generation.

While other solutions are limited to superficially clinging to surfaces, resembling mere stickers plastered onto the host mesh, Ivy.Lite approach emulates the dynamic three-dimensional behavior of real climbing plants, bridging and connecting different environmental elements. This ability allows the vegetation to traverse across various assets, creating a more cohesive and engaging natural scene that truly captures the essence of living plants. The hanging and linking behaves in a way that mimics the droop of a catenary curve of the real-life vegetation.