League Of Stats

Shape your game like a pro! Design your unique experience with an asset inspired by League of Legends' stats system. Unlock creative control effortlessly!

by Sydewa

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Unleash the power of the League Of Stats, inspired by the intricate stat systems of games like League of Legends. This adaptable asset caters to any game with distinct types of damage, like Genshin Impact and Pokémon, allowing you to customize character stats and abilities effortlessly.

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Be among the first 5 to join our Discord server and receive a voucher license for the League of Stats asset! We value your feedback, so in return, we kindly ask for an honest review of the asset.

Standout Features:

  • Mimics League of Legends' stat mechanics, adaptable to various game types.
  • Customize character stats and abilities for a tailored gaming experience.
  • Additional effects like speed buffs and slow buffs (more to come in future updates).
  • Includes pre-installed Damage Pop Ups asset for enhanced visual feedback.
  • Functionality to seamlessly integrate items into character inventories.
  • Custom item passives, similar to those in League of Legends or Genshin Impact.
  • Future updates will introduce new effects.
  • Features a scriptable object for storing and modifying stats used to deal damage and apply effects – an easy way to manage and tweak your game's dynamics.

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You can play here the demo scene showcased in the video: Click Here

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