Linked Elements

Linked Elements provides a library of data-bound UI Elements for game & editor UI. Please note: More Effective Coroutines is a (free) dependency, you will need to download that as well (see Desc.)

by Iterant Games

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Linked Elements provides components that you can use in both your game and editor UIs. These elements are data-bound directly to their associated objects and fields without the need for unity's internal serialized objects, so the data binding works in-game as well!

All of our UI elements have USS targeting classes on each piece of its UI so that you can use USS to style them however you wish.


Please note that More Effect Coroutines (MEC) is a free dependency and must be downloaded separately. We do not own it so we cannot distribute it with our package.


Game Components / Systems

  • Progress bar
  • Drag and drop
  • Tooltips
  • Game object tracking (experimental)
  • Button
  • Confirm Button (click and hold)
  • Text, enum, boolean, and numeric inputs
  • UI Layering
  • UI interaction helpers (mouse over UI, get mouse element)

Editor Components / Systems

  • Inputs for any type
  • Drag and drop
  • Tooltips
  • Code blocks
  • Lists
  • Asset previews

Universal Components

  • Label
  • Rich text helper
  • Display field
  • Columns
  • Rows
  • Pre-formatted elements: title, heading, subheading, paragraph, tab-able line.