Model Outline: Smooth Normal Generator

Model outline rendering helper, one-click generate smooth normals. Modify the FBX directly without any additional steps!!!

by ZeryChen

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Modify the FBX directly without any additional steps!!!

Built-in Mikkt algorithm automatically calculates tangents, no need for FBX to have tangent information!!!

Supports storing smooth normals in any UV channel or vertex color.

Supports calculating smooth normals in either model space or tangent space.

Using the least squares method to enhance adaptability in calculating smooth normal directions.

Quick Start

1.In Unity project, find the mesh sub-asset of the fbx asset file you want to outline.

2.Click on the MenuItem (the button with three dots in the upper right corner of the Inspector), then click on "Generate Smooth Normals" in the popup menu (you will see smooth normals generated in UV3).

3.Drag the model into the scene, and then drag "OutlineInTangentSpaceUVMaterial" from "Smooth Normal GeneratorArtMaterials" into the Materials of the Skinned Mesh Renderer.