Narramancer Apprentice

Narramancer Apprentice is the free version of Narramancer: a node-based behavior tree and game logic system with full game save and load support.

by Professional Bad Guys

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Narramancer Apprentice is the Free version of Narramancer. It has all the features of the full package (0.5.2) BUT will prevent you from building your game until you have the full version.

Narramancer is a node-based scripting system with saving and loading built-in.

Easy and powerful, Narramancer allows you to control everything from menu flow to NPC behavior.

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  • Use node graphs to visually script the action
    • Game logic and menu flow
    • GameObject creation and manipulation
    • There's a node to handle everything
      • Choose from over one hundred built-in nodes
      • Call any C# method (using reflection)
      • Create your own custom nodes
  • Define the 'things' in your game: characters, items, or locations
  • Give things properties, stats, and relationships
  • Make changes 'on the fly' and see the results without having to recompile or exit play mode
  • Save the state of the game at any time
    • Everything, including the actions currently running, can be serialized and recreated
  • Visualize the flow and logic of your game in an intuitive graph

Getting Started

  1. Go to Project Settings -> Player -> Other Settings and Change Api Compatibility Level to “.NET 4.x”
  2. Import the Unity package into your project
  3. Go to Window -> Narramancer

If you are upgrading Narramancer from a previous version, you must first remove the old version of Narramancer by deleting the entire Narramancer folder in your project Assets.

Asset uses Odin Serializer under Apache-2.0 license.

Asset uses xNode under MIT License.

Asset uses SerializableDictionary under MIT License.

Asset uses SerializableAction under MIT License.

See Third-Party Notices.txt file in package for details.