Polygon Cutter

Cut, explode, dissolve any sprite with ease - Create ropes and chains - No coding needed.

by SmallBigSquare

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NOTE: Polygons with holes or intersections are not supported!

WebGL Demo



Polygon Cutter will allow you to easily set up cutting mechanics in your game. Create your objects, add one component to them and create a cutter object. From now on you can easily cut your objects.

If you need ropes or chains in your game use a provided creator object to easily position and create them in the scene.

If you want to explode your sprites or dissolve them just add one component.

Asset is using triangles to represent each polygon. 


Easily cut your sprites by just adding one sliceableObject2D component to them. (PolyCutter object must be present on the scene if you don't want to use C# for cutting)

Create custom polygons using PolyCreator just by drawing them and saving them as prefabs. You can also create polygons using C# and providing a list of Vector3's

Explode any sprite by adding one component with 6 types of possible explosions (Triangle, Delaunay, Square, Vertical, Horizontal, Radial). More types can be easily implemented.

Easily create ropes/chains using RopeCreator. Just specify the start, end point of a rope and a rope segment that will be used and hit create.

Create dissolve/break effect using dissolve component. Choose direction, force and behaviour of the parts to customize the effect.

8 demo scenes showcasing all asset features

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