Prefab Drawer

Prefab Drawer allows you to easily draw with prefabs to populate your levels with objects and make them beautiful like never before. The tool has many settings to suit any need.

by Emil Ismailov

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Prefab Drawer is a powerful tool that allows you to place different objects in the scene with ease. This tool has a lot of in-depth settings that will help you configure every step to suit your needs. The asset is proven to be production-ready as it has been in the works for few years and helped our team to create wast and beatiful worlds.

Documentation | API


  • Customazible brush
  • Slope and height filtering
  • Can paint multiple prefabs at once with weight destribution
  • In-depth offsets, randomization and filtering settings
  • Does not require any new components and changes to the project itself
  • Prefabs can align with brush stroke direction
  • Prefabs can align with surface normal
  • Layer mask and tag filtering
  • Region spawner allows you to spawn a lot of prefabs within the specified area with the one click
  • Disabler would help you to change density of the spawned prefabs inside the parent object
  • Saveable presets and autosave feature
  • Easy to use UI