QuickPop MessageBox

QuickPop MessageBox: A Unity UI solution for users desiring C# MessageBox-like pop-ups, offering simplicity and customization.

by Syazmedia PLT

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QuickPop MessageBox is a Unity package offering a customizable, lightweight pop-up message system for users seeking C# MessageBox-like functionality

There are three ways you can use QuickPop:

  1. Drag and Drop the QuickPop prefab into the scene, customize details in Inspector and trigger it using UnityEvents
  2. Drag and Drop the QuickPopInstantPopup script to your gameobject, call it with UnityEvent
  3. Call Quickpop directly inside your script

Demos Are Provided For All 3 Methods

Dependency Note:

  1. Since QuickPop Message Box creates popups with Unity UI, you will need Text Mesh Pro.
  2. If you have no Text Mesh Pro, create any Unity UI elements in UNity editor, like buttons, text etc. Unity will ask you to import Unity UI