Recyclable Tree View

Powerful uGUI Tree View component

by Mariukh Viacheslav

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RecycleTree fast and powerful UI component for displaying tree data with a huge number of nodes.

RecycleTree virtualizes only those nodes that are needed at the moment.

Nodes are constantly reused for other data. This results in amazing performance.

Ideal for displaying the file system, various hierarchies, settings, structure of game objects, whatever you want.

The number of nodes no longer matters.

You can create nodes like in run time using scripts.

The syntax and set of methods are very similar to C# three view.

Also implemented are editor tools for populating the tree in the Unity Editor.

In the same tree, nodes can use different visual styles.

Visual styles of nodes are implemented through Scripable Object

Fully customizable and mobile friendly.


- The number of nodes does not matter (100k or 200k is not a problem)

- Setting up hierarchy in runtime or unit editor

- Powerful visual customization settings

- Implemented via MVP pattern

- Amazing performance even on mobile devices

- Examples and documentation included