Scifi Skill Tree

Empower your sci-fi game with the Sci-Fi Skill Tree System. Manage multiple trees, set dependencies, and create visually dynamic skill progressions.

by Space Fusion

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Elevate your Unity projects to the next level with the Sci-Fi Skill Tree System, a robust and versatile Unity asset designed to seamlessly integrate complex skill progression mechanics into your sci-fi-themed projects.

Mobile Optimized (landscape mode): Ensure a seamless gaming experience on various devices with this asset. The Sci-Fi Skill Tree System adapts gracefully to different resolutions, offering players an immersive progression journey across a wide range of mobile devices without compromising visual quality or functionality.

Multi-Tree Management: Effortlessly manage and switch between multiple skill trees within your game. Each tree can represent unique character paths, classes, or specialization options, providing players with diverse choices and strategic depth.

Dependency System: Define dependencies between skills to create a meaningful progression system. Lock certain skills behind prerequisites, ensuring that players must unlock specific abilities before advancing to more powerful skills.

Level and Skillpoint Requirements: Tailor your skill trees by setting level and skillpoint requirements for each skill. Control the pace of character development and ensure a balanced progression curve, allowing for strategic decision-making and a sense of accomplishment as players advance.

Connecting Lines between skills: Enhance the visual clarity of your skill trees with connected lines that are highlighted when a skill is unlocked. This feature provides players with a clear visual representation of their character's growth and the interconnected relationships between skills.

Versatile Integration: Integrate the Sci-Fi Skill Tree System into a variety of sci-fi genres, including space exploration, futuristic RPGs, and cyberpunk adventures.

Documentation and Support: Access comprehensive documentation and receive prompt support to ensure a smooth integration process. Benefit from clear guidelines and examples, coupled with a fully documented code where every class and function is thoughtfully commented, to help you make the most of this powerful asset in your game development journey.