Senses elevates character perception in Unity. With configurable visual and auditory features, noise generation, and stealth mechanics, it enhances gameplay immersion and dynamism.

by CatBorg Studio

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Behold! CatBorg Studio™ Presents ◼

Behavior AI asset pack allowing for seting up of your character Senses.

◼ Key Features ◼

Standalone: Senses not required any other Module or Asset in order to work.

Learining Resources: Senses Asset Pack incudes detailed Demo Scenes allows for examination of difrent component usage.

◼ Component List ◼

Senses Component - allows for attaching Sensors to character, and gathering awareness of sensed objects.

1.1. See - Senses Sensor - allows for observing objects in two complementary zones (Central Vision and Peripheral).

1.2. Hear -Senses Sensor - allows for hearing noises surrounding character.

2. Noise Component - allows for releasing noises, simulating realistic noise propagation according to real-world principles.

3. Obstacle Component - mitigates the detection of objects located behind it.

4. Stealth Component - reduces the detection of objects by characters equipped with See Sensors.

4.1 Lumen - Stealth Addon -reduces the detection of object by amount of light affecting it.

5. RigCollider Component - facilitates the setup and utilization of colliders attached to metarig bones.

6. SeeBooster Component - allows for modification of See Sensor.

◼ Support && Updates ◼

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2. Documentation (GitHub ReadMe File)