Settings Menu Creator

Create settings/options menus in a few clicks. Use automatic or manual workflows to save as much time as possible while also offering massive customizability. Works in Built-in, URP, and HDRP.

by CitrioN

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Check out the Settings Menu Creator Pro version if you want access to settings beyond the few provided in this free version. The Pro version also makes it easy to hook up a lot of custom functionality without having to code.

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✔️ Built-in, URP, HDRP

The menus work in all 3 render pipelines.

✔️ Automated & Manual Workflows

Tired of placing the sliders, toggles, dropdowns etc manually, attaching scripts to assign them to the correct setting, updating navigation if you change the order or your settings etc? This is what other assets require you to do. It takes time and is prone to user error. The Settings Menu Creator gives you the option to handle all that for you so you can focus on more important aspects of your menu or game.

✔️ Very Customizable & Versatile

What if you want to replace a dropdown in your menu? In other assets you would have to delete it and place the new one, reassign and set up all the required scripts to make it work again. With the Settings Menu Creator you only have to replace the dropdown reference on a scriptable object and your menu will use the new dropdown. Takes only a second.

✔️ Automatic Navigation Setup

Tired of manually assigning keyboard/controller menu navigation? Let the tool set it up automatically at runtime.

✔️ Old & New Input System Navigation

Menu navigation works for both the old and the new input system.

✔️ No Coding Skills Required

With a scriptable object and prefab based workflow you don’t need any coding skills.

✔️ Reskin Your Menu In Realtime

Change colors, fonts, text size and other variables in real time using a powerful style profile system. The system can also easily be used for any other system too.

✔️ Additional UI Components

Other settings menu assets don’t offer you the most common UI element used in many settings menus: A previous & next selector (horizontal selector). It is a very common UI element in console games but also used very frequently in PC games. To make the creation of the most common settings menu layouts and styles several additional components, including a tab menu, UI panel system and a dropdown with autoscroll are included.

✔️ Automatic & Manual Saving/Loading

Choose between automatic or manual saving and loading.

✔️️ UGUI & UI Toolkit

Both UI systems are supported, however they do not have the same depth of customizability due to their difference in workflows (UGUI is prefab based, UI Toolkit is UMXL/USS based). The UI Toolkit aspect is considered BETA since UI Toolkit has not been labeled production ready for runtime usage for that long and it is getting updated regularly.

✔️ Full Source Code Included

Want to extend the tool? Go for it!

📌 Add-Ons

📌 Planned Add-Ons

  • URP Exclusive Settings
  • HDRP Exclusive Settings
  • Key Rebinding
  • Localization

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