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This is a simple fake leaderboard system. Creating a leaderboard takes a minute with the custom editor window. Generate offline leaderboards with fake data. Submit scores to engage players!

by Pi

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Introducing Fake Leaderboard Package for Unity

The Fake Leaderboard Package for Unity is a comprehensive solution designed to seamlessly integrate leaderboard functionality into your Unity projects. Whether you're developing a game, educational application, or simulation, this package offers a robust set of features to enhance user engagement and competition within your application.

Key Features:

1. Custom Editor Window: Build and customize leaderboards effortlessly using our intuitive editor window. Tailor leaderboards to suit your application's aesthetics and functionality with ease.

2. Fake Data Generation: Enjoy the convenience of offline development with automatically generated fake data. This feature enables you to simulate leaderboard interactions without requiring an internet connection, streamlining your development process.

3. Offline Capability: Our package operates entirely offline, ensuring consistent functionality regardless of internet availability. This offline capability is essential for testing and development in various environments.

4. Flexible Extension Support: Seamlessly integrate different leaderboard providers such as Unity, Google, or Steam, extending the functionality of your leaderboards to suit diverse needs. This flexibility allows you to adapt your leaderboard solution to different platforms or backend services effortlessly.

5. Versatile Leaderboard Prefabs: Choose from a selection of three leaderboard prefabs, including scrollable, paginated, and scores around players. These prefabs offer different layouts and display options to suit your application's requirements, enhancing user experience and visual appeal.

6. Easy Score Modifiers: Enhance the visual presentation of scores with easy-to-write modifiers. Highlight top scores, add visual effects, or customize score displays to captivate users and emphasize achievements within your application.

7. Source Code Included: Gain full access to the package's source code, empowering you to customize and extend its functionality according to your specific project needs. This inclusion enables developers to tailor the leaderboard solution precisely to their application's requirements, fostering creativity and innovation.

Whether you're developing a casual mobile game, a competitive multiplayer experience, or an educational application, the Fake Leaderboard Package for Unity provides the tools you need to implement robust and engaging leaderboard functionality seamlessly. Enhance user engagement, foster competition, and elevate the overall experience of your Unity projects with our comprehensive leaderboard solution.