Simple Jobs

Set of easy-to-use jobs that can be helpful when starting out with the Jobs system and the Burst compiler. Contains implementations of a Spatial Hash, and basic statistics.

by Harrison Thompson

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Simple Jobs contains a set of jobs that can be used in a variety of projects. Check out this asset if you want to learn more about Unity's Jobs system and the Burst compiler.

  • Basics
    • ParallelOperations - easy-to-use multi-threaded jobs
    • Check Distance Jobs
    • Partial Sums Jobs
    • and more
  • Statistics
    • Demo Scene included
    • Sets of jobs to calculate Mean, Variance, and Covariance.
    • Makes use of multi-threading where possible.
  • Spatial Hash
    • Demo Scene included
    • Spatial Hashes are fantastic when you need to find objects based on location. They are particularly powerful when there are thousands of objects.
    • The implementation in SimpleJobs is split into separate jobs. There are a few variations, each of which are ideal under different conditions.