Smooth Car Controller 3D – MerlotGames

Customizable car control mechanics is a system that provides drivers with a smooth driving and turning sensation while also allowing them to customize vehicle control.

by MerlotGames

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• Folder Structure

• Demo Scene

• Scripts

Folder Structure

In “SmoothCarController” file, you will see; ARCADE – FREE Racing Car, Demo Scene, Docs, Joystick Pack, Materials, PhysicsMaterial, Prefabs, Scripts and Textures folders.

Demo Scene

Demo Scene contains a ready scene. You can examine the scene and apply to your scene. You can see how we did setup car and joystick controller.


Prefabs folder contains Car and Boost Button. You can use this three to make your own car controller.


You can see what textures we used for the demo scene.


In the Scripts folder, you can see what scripts we created to make car movement and the camera.