Style Profile – Runtime Style Modifications

Using a style profile allows you to update your game's visuals on the fly at runtime. Thanks to its generic approach it can also be used for other systems very easily.

by CitrioN

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Tired of opening all your prefabs to change the color theme of the UI in your project? The style profile system can make this much easier and faster with a little bit of initial setup.

A style profile is a scriptable object containing variables to define a style. It was initially created for easy customization of the visuals in graphical user interfaces (GUI) but is now much more than just that. It can be used for any system thanks to its generic approach to variables. Beyond the customization it is non destructive because its effects will be applied at runtime. Any changes to your style profile will instantly be shown in the game, making it more flexible and powerful in certain scenarios than a prefab based approach.

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✔️ No Coding Skills Required

With a scriptable object and prefabs you can customize your UI and also other systems without needing to write any code.

✔️ Reskin Your UI In Realtime

Change colors, fonts, text size and other variables in real time using a powerful style profile system. The system can also easily be used for any other system too.

✔️️ UGUI & UI Toolkit

Both UI systems are supported. However, if you are using UI Toolkit you should consider if using style sheets are sufficient for your use case.

✔️ Full Source Code Included

Want to extend the tool? Go for it!

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