Tremble – Map Importer

Design levels and maps in a Quake level editor such as TrenchBroom and import them into your Unity game without any manual configuration - your Materials and Prefabs are brought in automagically!

by Tiny Goose

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No matter what kind of game you're making, you'll need to make levels or maps. Whether you want to streamline your greyboxing workflow or fully produce levels using tried and tested editors like TrenchBroom, Tremble will import your maps instantly and precisely into Unity.

Note that, although Tremble is not designed to import maps from other games (like Quake, Half-Life), it does have an experiemental Map Repair function which will try to fix maps up so that they work with your game. Map Repair supports geometry and entities, but will often import very strange UVs, as it doesn't have the original textures for reference.

Tremble tries to remove every piece of friction, so that you can get creating within minutes and not have to deal with manually configuring textures and entity definitions (FGDs) yourself.

With Live Update, you can even make map edits while your game is in playmode - test out quick changes with ease!

Just install Tremble, create a new map from inside Unity, and you'll be creating in no time!

See Technical details below for the full list of supported features!

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Note: Tremble is not affiliated with, or sponsored by id Software or the authors of TrenchBroom.

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