Wise Feline Den (Data Recorder, Blackboard and Utility scripts)

A data recorder debugging to*-l9

by NoOp Army

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Wise Feline Den is free but is integrated to our other packages like Ultimate AI package, Utility AI and Influence Maps, Remembrance memory and emotions and Smart Objects.

We also have nice pickup and power up models.

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Den contains blackboards and data recorder as main features and also some scripts which help in implementing movement and combat.

Data Recorder allows you to record data per GameObject per frame as a tree of texts and supports ritch text as well. You can easily integrate it to any script which benefits to know what happend over time. We integrated it to our Utility AI brain to record all action and consideration scores over time.

Blackboards allow you to store key value pairs of a name and a int, float, Vector3, Color, GameObject and other values. You can use blackboards to communicate between other AI systems without having a hard dependency on each other.