Wise Feline Remembrance memory & emotion system)

Give your NPCs the ability to remember things and people and events and the ability to have feelings about them to create a truely immersive experience

by NoOp Army

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For the first two weeks, our other packages can be bought as upgrades to this with lower prices

Ultimate Utility AI, influence maps, AI Tags and smart objects for $75 instead of $150 (ultimate does not contains remembrance)

Influence maps $20 instead of $60

Lite Utility AI $15 instead of $40

Smart Objects $10 instead of $45

  • Do you want your NPCs to remember important events and act based on them?
  • Do you want your NPCs to not act like NPCs?
  • Do you want them to love players and other NPCs or maybe hold a grudge and follow them to the other end of your world?
  • Do you want them to change their feelings based on what actions your player does or what happens in the world?
  • Do you want your NPCs to forget their fears when an important event happens or remember something after a very special event?

If the answer to any of the above is yes, then this package is for you. Remembrance allows your NPCs to have memories and feelings. It is very simple to work with and has multiple debugger windows.

It integrates well with our other packages.

Combine this package with our Utility AI, Influence maps, AI Tags and smart objects to create immersive worlds which let your players to create Epic stories.