World Dissolve: See Through, 3D Masks

Create unique visuals and mechanics with 3D signed distance fields. Use multiple additional methods to enhance your game's gameplay with captivating see-through effects.

by INab Studio

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Transform your game's visual experience with World Dissolve, an extensive collection of scripts and shaders designed to effortlessly create breathtaking effects based on 3D world masks.

Additionally, the asset comes with several different see-through methods and scripts that enable you to add the see-through effects in just a few clicks.

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Key Features:

  • Multiple 3D mask shapes based on signed distance fields: sphere, box, ellipse, solid angle, round cone.
  • Each shape can be transformed and controlled independently.
  • See-Through Effects: Easily incorporate see-through effects into your scenes with multiple approaches offered by the asset, such as round see-through, objects fade, and distance fade.
  • Highly Customizable: Effortlessly tailor effects to your desired style. Compatible with all genres, from hyper-realistic to charming low-poly aesthetics, thanks to numerous look options and many tweakable properties. Fine-tune dissolve effects to seamlessly integrate with your game's aesthetic.
  • Custom Textures: Access a collection of 29 custom-created textures.
  • Dynamic Position Displacement: Add flair to the effects with dynamic position displacement.
  • 14 Demo Scenes: Explore a diverse array of demo scenes. All scenes showcased in the screenshots and marketing videos are included with the asset.
  • Easy Setup: Follow step-by-step tutorials for hassle-free integration. Multiple scripts are provided for easy integration in different scenarios.
  • All shaders were created with Shader Graph.

Assets to combine with:


Supports Unity 2021.3 and above, including all rendering pipelines.