Black Hole Shader with Spaghettification Effect

A Unity asset featuring rotating heat distortion, glowing center, dynamic particles, and a mind-bending spaghettification effect

by Space Fusion

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This Unity package creates stunning visual experience that brings the awe-inspiring power of a black hole to your games or simulations.

Key Features:

  1. Fully customizable shaders and effects: Create stunning atmospheres and a variety of different black holes with the fully customizable shaders and visual effects
  2. Rotating Black Hole Heat Distortion: Watch as the space around the black hole warps and ripples, creating a breathtaking atmosphere.
  3. Glowing Black Hole Center with Fresnel Shader:The heart of the black hole glows with an ethereal radiance, thanks to the Fresnel shader.
  4. Rotating Particles with VFX Graph: Immerse your audience in the cosmic chaos as particles orbit and are irresistibly drawn towards the black hole. Utilizing Unity's VFX Graph, create stunning visual effects that simulate the gravitational pull, adding dynamism to your scenes.
  5. Rotating Twirl Effect Particle System: Elevate the uniqueness of your black hole with a specially designed twirl effect particle system. These rotating particles add an extra layer of detail and making your black hole a visually striking and unforgettable element in your project.
  6. Spaghettification Shader: Experience the mind-bending phenomenon of spaghettification as the shader manipulates the vertices of surrounding objects. Watch as the gravitational forces lengthen and distort objects near the event horizon, creating a truly immersive spaghettification pull effect.