COZY: Eclipse – Sun Occlusion Module

The apocalypse is nigh with COZY: Eclipse! This module brings solar eclipses to COZY, adding awe-inspiring cosmic events to your forecast. Illuminate your simulations with realism and wonder!

by Distant Lands

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Distant Lands presents:

COZY: Eclipse - Sun Occlusion Module

Bring celestial disaster to your worlds with the new solar eclipse module for COZY: Stylized Weather 3. Automatically interpolate the sky colors to a custom profile of colors using an Eclipse profile.

Extend your COZY system with onboard tools:

  • Create more visual interest in your game by adding realistic variation.
  • Set up dynamic eclipse patterns with one click.
  • Use Eclipse Profiles to interpolate sky colors to the eclipse variant.
  • Links to your Satellite and Atmosphere Modules automatically
  • Syncs with COZY: Blocks

Infinite Use Cases

  • Use an event to call Eclipse and move the sky to a deep red during a boss fight
  • Increase monster spawns in your open-world game during a rare solar eclipse
  • Temporal puzzles or achievements. Lock certain puzzles in your open-world game behind a rare solar eclipse.
  • Create memorable events that make your game stand out in the minds of your players.