Highlighter Post-processing

Highlighter is a post processing effect. It has some predefined effects to highlight any game objects directly in your game view.

by Inside GPU

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Elevate your Unity projects with Highlighter. Effortlessly bring attention to your game objects in canvas or world space using stunning predefined effects.

Key Features:

🚀 Easy Integration: Seamlessly enhance your project with just a few clicks.

💡 Versatile Highlighting: Illuminate objects with captivating effects for canvas and world space scenes.

🌐 Pipeline Support: Compatible with Unity's Built-in Render Pipeline and Universal Render Pipeline (URP).

🎨 Intuitive Controls: Fine-tune effects with an easy-to-use interface.

Optimized Performance: Stunning visuals without compromising your project's frame rate.

Whether you're creating games, simulations, or immersive experiences, Highlighter is the go-to solution for eye-catching highlights in Unity. Elevate your visuals and captivate your audience with this essential post-processing asset.

Get Highlighter now and take your Unity projects to new visual heights!