High-performance infinite water, achieved with only four vertices, produces a convincing up-and-down undulating effect. Additionally, it supports the effects of typical Stylized Water.

by SmallBurger

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As you know, under the Mobile platform, the usage of vertex is one of the key points of optimization. If you want to look good on the undulating shore, you usually need more vertex, especially for large-scale water bodies. This problem will cause more trouble.

The InifityStylizedWater is used to solve this problem. You only need one quad (four points) to have smooth water surface ups and downs, which currently runs well on the SAMSUNG Galaxy S8.

Additionally, it provides related minimalist visual effects, including Sparkle Effect, Toon Noise(Wave) Foam, Toon Edge Foam, and more. Furthermore, it supports a variety of different wave modules and reflection modes for selection, all closely related to performance optimization.

  • Four vertices (1 quad) - Infinite without boundaries:Utilizes a single quad to display an infinite body of water without boundaries, showcasing its undulating edge effect.
  • Distant Disappearance Background Effect:Effectively eliminates the boundary between distant water bodies and the skybox.
  • Four Blend Water Color:Blends ShallowColor, DeepColor, FarColor, and SubSurfaceReflectionColor to achieve a more vibrant water color effect.
  • Sparkle:Similar to the shimmering effect of ripples.
  • Noise(Wave)Foam:Cartoon-style noise(wave) foam effect.
  • EdgeFoam:Cartoon-style edge foam effect.
  • Reflection:Reflection effect supporting CubeMap and planar reflection modes.
  • SunReflection:Simulates the reflection effect of the sun on the water surface.
  • Caustics:Underwater caustics effect.
  • Value Noise Module:Provides high-quality and non-repetitive random effects for edge foam and wave normal calculations, with excellent performance.
  • Gerstner Waves Module:Provides better wave normal effects, but may have poorer performance and noticeable repetition.