Particle Path System

Particle Path System is a powerful Unity plugin that converts ListVector3 into direction information

by Duckweed

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Particle Path System is a powerful Unity plugin that converts List<Vector3> into direction information and stores it after a single computation. By disabling particle movement and random generation, and passing in List<Vector3>, you can make particles move along the path direction (with particles moving completely along the path when their starting point coincides with the path).

Key Features:

  • Decoupled Path and Particle System: Particle Path System decouples the path from the ParticleSystem, focusing solely on directing particle movement throughout their lifecycle. This simplifies the process of controlling particle paths.
  • Automatic Computation: Upon initialization, the plugin automatically calculates the particle's lifespan based on velocity and total path length, providing convenient and flexible setup options.
  • Performance Optimization: All path and direction information is computed only once and stored as a fixed data structure. Therefore, each particle only needs to read based on the progress of movement, optimizing performance.

Particle Path System offers an efficient and flexible approach to particle path movement, enhancing the possibilities and creativity of your projects.