Player Status Pack 01

A high customizable game effects pack offers vibrant 3D visual effects for five player statuses, with easy control and seamless integration of dynamic elements and Post Processing Volumes.


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Player Status VFX are supported both HDRP and URP.

This package includes:

- Highly Customizable for VFX (change color gradient, particle spawn duration, spawn size, particle alpha, etc in inspector)

- [VFX] Damage Status

- [VFX] Faint Status

- [VFX] Healing Status

- [VFX] Poison Status

- [VFX] Tired Status

- [Flipbook] smoke & flame flipbook

- [Post Processing] Post Processing Volume for URP & HDRP

- Documentation

Originally made in URP, adapted to HDRP.

Visual Effect Graph (VFX) from the Package Manager is required.

Feel free to contact me if you are facing any problems :)