Procedural Grass GPU Shader & Terrain Tessellation Tools

This package contains a GPU procedural shader for grass, and Terrain Tessellation Tools to manage your terrain. Only heightmaps and mask textures are needed. A Brush can be used to paint grass too.

by Aletuno

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This package contains the procedural grass and TTT module:

The grass module is a GPU, procedural, highly efficient grass shader, that you can use to decorate your game. Its customizable, and has interaction, wind, light reflection, shadows, and clump points of taller/shorter grass. Its point based, so you can use the brush to easily add or remove grass.

The point of TTT module is to use Tesselation LOD tecniques, to achieve a complex yet not demanding terrain enviroment. While the saved meshes are for mesh collider purposes, the actual mesh in game is dependant on LOD. By Tesselating and moving vertices, you can achieve the same result as a complex mesh, while only consuming the resources you need.The LOD Tesselation Library includes camera occlusion culling, for even more efficient terrain.