SciFi Shaders & VFX Bundle

Collection of 5 stunning sci-fi shader & VFX assets.

by Space Fusion

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Pay only $27.99 for the bundle instead of $36,95 when purchasing all assets individually.

And get an additional 30% discount for the first 2 weeks after launch!

This collection includes following assets:

Unveil hidden secrets with the Terrain Scanner VFX, equipped with object detection capabilities. Witness the cosmic power of a Black Hole Shader, complete with the mesmerizing Spaghettification Effect, distorting space and time with its gravitational pull.

Evoke the essence of sci-fi with the SciFi Dissolve Shaders, allowing objects to disintegrate into nothingness before your eyes, or transform any object into a mesmerizing, dynamic hologram with the Scifi Hologram Shader.

And for the ultimate journey through the stars, harness the power of the SciFi Warp Drive & Wormhole Effect and shape the very fabric of space and time in your sci-fi game.