Smoke Basic FX

38 basic smoke effects

by Duckweed

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"Smoke Basic FX" is a Unity plugin designed for developers, providing 38 basic smoke effects crafted from sequence frames to add realistic smoke atmospheres to your games, apps, or projects. These effects are meticulously designed to inject more detail and ambiance into your scenes.

Key Features:

  • 38 Basic Effects: The plugin offers 38 basic smoke effects, covering various shapes and densities of smoke to suit your project's needs.
  • Sequence Frame Crafting: Each smoke effect is crafted from sequence frames, presenting dynamic smoke movements and shape variations for added realism and immersion.
  • Simple Application: These effects are easy to apply, simply drag and drop them into your scene without requiring complex setup or adjustments.
  • Attention to Detail: Each smoke effect is meticulously observed and designed to ensure the most realistic representation of smoke, adding more detail and ambiance to your scenes.

Ideal for Project Types:

  • 2D/3D Games
  • Video Production
  • Special Effects Design
  • Advertising and Promotional Videos


"Smoke Basic FX" is your ideal choice for creating realistic smoke effects. Whether you're developing games, producing videos, or designing special effects, these basic smoke effects will enhance the ambiance and realism of your project. Experience "Smoke Basic FX" now and infuse your project with unique smoke atmospheres!