Stylized Chain Skills

Stylized Chain Skills

by Kyeoms

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Stylized Chain Skills

Make your characters own combo attack with this asset.

◇ 7 textures

◇ 5 Materials

◇ 3 Shaders

◇ 10 Meshes

Total 60 Prefabs

Available in Built-in, URP and HDRP

※ Please check the following ※

▶ If you are going to import to your project, you need to click 'Skip' in the Warning window when importing in the Package Manager window.

▶ If you use an Orthographic Camera, and if your project environment is 2D or 2D Experimental, set the "Use SoftParticle Factor?" boolean parameter of all ma/terials to off.

▶ To use in Built-in, you have to install "Shader Graph" from package manager.

And also your project version must be 2021.2.0 or higher.