Umbra – Better Directional Shadows for URP

Produces more realistic directional light shadows in URP.

by Kronnect

★★★★★ star rating
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Umbra significantly improves the quality of directional light shadows in the Universal Render Pipeline (URP) for Unity. It introduces advanced shadow rendering techniques, resulting in beautiful shadows that are sharper near obstacles and softer, more diffuse, at a distance, thanks to its implementation of contact hardening.

** Key features **

  • Configurable Shadow Appearance: Adjust the look and smoothness of shadows to achieve the desired visual style for your project.
  • Contact Hardening: customize the shadows to look crisp near the shadow casters while smoother at the distance as in real life.
  • Cascade Blending: Achieve smoother transitions between shadow cascades, reducing noticeable edges and enhancing overall visual coherence.
  • Profiles: Easily store settings in profile assets which can be easily swapped or set at runtime.
  • Optimization Options: Additional options to improve performance such as loop and frame skip optimization which allows reusing of shadow map texture from previous frame.

** Requirements **

  • Universal Render Pipeline (URP): Ensure your project is set up with URP.
  • Compatibility: Works seamlessly with Unity 2022.3 and Unity 6 in compatibility mode. Next update will add support for Render Graph.

** Easy Installation **

Umbra is very easy to setup and use. Import the package, add the Umbra Render Feature to the URP and the Umbra Soft Shadows script to the Directional Light you want to enhance. That's it.

Documentation and a demo scene are included with the asset.

Elevate the realism and visual quality of your Unity projects with these enhanced shadow capabilities, providing a more immersive and dynamic lighting experience.

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